Focus on implementing constitution: Former President Yadav

Biratnagar, March 18: Former President, Dr Ram Baran Yadav, has said the nation should focus on implementing the new constitution which was drafted as per people’s aspirations and a struggle spanning seven decades.

At a news conference here this morning, the former President advised the Madhes-centric political parties to act with restraint and present their demands through democratic process. He urged the government not to be intolerant and amend the new constitution to suit the necessity.
Likewise, former President Yadav added that he had adhered to a democratic process during his tenure as the President and worked with agreement among the political parties.
“The authority to draft a constitution falls within the jurisdiction of the sovereign Constituent Assembly and the President issues the constitution as per the constitution; if that did not happen it would have been a violation of the constitution,” the former President said.