New policy soon on utilisation of information technology, Minister Rai says

Kathmandu, March 17: Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai has said that the Ministry of Information and Communications is preparing to formulate a new policy in regard to integrated utilisation of information and communications technology in three phases of natural disaster, namely pre-disaster and post-disaster and during calamity.

Minister Rai shared that the policy would include information technology used by the developed countries in the time of natural disasters.
Inaugurating a conference on ‘Role and Utilisation of Information and Communications Technology in Time of Natural Disasters’ here in the capital city today, Rai said that the idea to make this policy follows the role of information technology during the April 25 earthquake.
“The role and utilisation of information and communications technology remained positive, throughout the quake, in rescue operations, distribution of reliefs and rehabilitation of the quake survivors. So, taking past experiences gained from the past natural disasters, the Ministry has initiated discussions on formulating a new policy related to the information technology to tackle challenges in time of natural disasters,” he said.
He also said that he has hold broad discussions on the utilisation of information technology in time of natural disasters with ambassadors of Japan and the USA to Nepal last week and added that Home Ministry and Defence Ministry would also coordinate in the formulation of the policy.
Organised by the Internet Society Nepal (ISN), telecom service providing organisations and various organisations working in the field of information and communications technology are present in the two-day conference.
The conference is also expected to suggest making the policy, apart from evaluating damages caused by April 25 ‘Gorkha Earthquake’ and discussing progress made on the post-quake reconstructions.
Addressing the conference, Chairman of Computer Association of Nepal Vinod Dhakal said that information and communications technology would help tackle natural disasters.
Likewise, ISN Chairman Baburam Aryal stressed the need of formulating new policy for the utilisation of information technology for the management of natural disasters.