Parliamentary panel monitors collection of remaining of endangered animals

Chitwan, March 20: A team of Chairman of Environment Conservation Committee of the Legislature-Parliament, Janakraj Chaudhary, has monitored the Tikauli-based training centre of the armed forest security guards and Akhotepahar, collection of hides and other invaluable body parts of the endangered animals, at Kasara of Chitwan National Park.

The officials from the Ministry of Forest, Department of Forest, Department of National Park and others were also included in the team.
During the visit, chairman Chaudhary said that the remaining body parts of the endangered animals except that are needed for educational, research and museum purposes would be destroyed.
He said that Akhotepahar despite their high economic values would not be sold as this move could lead to further smuggling,
Likewise, secretary of the Committee, Rabi Sharma, said that the collected invaluable body parts of wildlife would be categorised for protection and destruction based on the CITES principles.
It is said that a report at the council of ministers would be presented regarding the invaluable body parts of the animals after the field visit.
The important body parts including hides, rhino horns, tusks of elephants and others of the dead and smuggled endangered animals are kept in Tikauli and Kasara in Chitwan.