Talk of reviving monarchy will stir instability: Koirala

Biratnagar, March 20: Nepali Congress leader, Sujata Koirala, today said the political parties must unite while moving forward to implement the new constitution and institutionalize the republic.

Speaking at the Girija Prasad Trade Union Award distribution ceremony held by GP Koirala Foundation in Biratnagar, Koirala said the party should remain committed in working for the interest of the labourers citing their support for the party.
Referring to the establishment of the republican set up in the country, Koirala said, “In a sense the royal institution ended the day when King Birendra’s dynasty was massacred, so the talk of reviving the King will only stir instability in the country.”
She further emphasized that the parties must remain focused on implementing the constitution and eradicating poverty. She said her party must take lead to fulfill these workloads.