Four competitors for three Sajha board members

Kathmandu, March 27: Four candidates are competing for three seats of members (from shareholders) of Sajha Publication Board of Directors, as the organisation is holding its 23rd AGM on coming April 17.

Harihar Khanal, Dr Bijay Subba, Jeevan Chandra Koirala and Manohar Lamichhane have filed their candidacies for the election of Sajha new board members.

The organisation is gearing up for holding the AGM and the countrywide campaign for it is getting a momentum, according to its Sajha Chairman and General Manager Dolindra Prasad Sharma. Around 1,000 members are taking part in the AGM.

It may be noted that earlier the Sajha decided to hold its AGM on October 3 last year, but the Cooperatives Development Board moved the Appellate Court Patan, claiming that organisation’s Board of Directors was not liable for holding the AGM as it lacked legal status.

The court verdict came in favour of the organisation which paved the way for the AGM. RSS