Mahato warns of Kathmandu-centric stern protest

SAGAR KARKI, MORANG , March 31: Sadhbhawana Party Chairman Rajendra Mahato on Thursday warned of waging a fresh protest from mid-April. Mahato said that the protest will be focused on Singha Durbar, the country’s main administrative building.

Speaking to the journalists following the conclusion of an extended meeting of the party, Mahato remarked that the government should address the demands of Madhes protest by making a wise decision in the eased current political affairs.“We are in no mood to resume the protest,” he said, “The government should fulfill our demands.”

Mahato said that the new protest plan will be aimed at pressing the government, not at inflicting pain on public.

The extended meeting of the party has demanded that the government address demands of Madhes protest, declare those killed in the protest as martyrs, provide free treatment to the injured and recall cases filed by the government agaist the protesters.