The Royalist group welcomes the joint statement issued by EU & India in Brussel

Kathmandu, April 03: The Royalist group based in Kathmandu has welcomed the joint statement released by EU & India in regard to amend the constitution of Nepal.

The group has claimed that the EU & India has jointly released the press statement in regard of amend the constitution was justifiable, while holding the press conference at the Reporters’ Club Nepal on today. The group has also claimed that the constitution was biased.

Speaking at the press conference, the convener of the group Mr. Kishori Mahato has claimed that the current constitution won’t guaranteed the rights and spirits of the madheshi, janjati, hindu and royalists. He said,” India is our closed neighbor. We do have open boarder. India has suggested our government to amend the constitution according to the aspiration of it’s’ peoples.” Mahato further claimed that India’s suggestion is in favor of Nepali people.

Recalling the memory that the top & influential leaders of Nepal had massively welcomed the opinion of Chandra Shekhar in 2046 B.S. which was anti-Nepal and 12 point agreement, Convener Mahato requested to top leaders for not worrying the Joint Statement.

While the government of Nepal has on Friday objected the joint statement issued by the European Union and India regarding the newly promulgated constitution of Nepal.

A Cabinet meeting held at Singh Durbar condemned the joint statement. The EU-India joint statement on Nepal was entirely inappropriate, government spokesperson and Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai said revealing the decision of the cabinet.

European Union and India had issued a joint statement on Wednesday after the 13th EU-India summit held in Brussels.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had also objected the joint statement on Thursday.