Birgunj submetropolis to get modern landfill site

Birgunj, April 23: A modern landfill site is to be constructed for the management of waste produced from the Birgunj Sub Metropolis. The estimated cost of the dumping ground site is around Rs 4.9 million.

The Birgunj Submetroplis has long been facing problems in the disposal of garbage as the city lacks systematic dumping ground.
The landfill site to be constructed under the Mid Urban Integrated City Environmental Reform Programme being implemented with loan assistance of the Asian Development Bank is expected to complete within the next two years, the Metropolis City Office said.
It is to be constructed on the border between Itiyahi and Bishrampur VDCs in an area stretching to 16.1 bigha of land.
The Metropolis has been using the open public sites and the bank of Sirsiya River to dispose waste in the absence of the landfill site within the town, according to Chief Executive Officer Bishnu Prasad Koirala. Chinese-based ZIIC Company has been awared the contract of constructing the landfill site.