Interaction on child justice

Bhadrapur, April 24: The Jhapa District Court organized an interaction on the ‘Role of Stakeholders in Child Justice System’ here on Saturday.

On the occasion, District Judge Matrika Prasad Acharya presented his working paper on child rights and child justice system. Likewise, Superintendant of Police (SP) Thakur Prasad Gyawali and District Attorney Romnath Adhikari delivered their working papers on the topics of Child Justice System of Nepal and Role of Stakeholders.
Child Protection Officer at Women and Children Office Rekhnath Dahal also presented their separate working papers covering the issues concerning child-friendly service, legal aid, psychology and social assessment.
At the programme, Chief District Judge Krishi Ram Niraula said children normally do not get involved in crime in an intentional manner the punishment to minor should not be like that to the adults rather it should be dealt so as to correct them.
Chief District Officer Madan Bhujel stressed the crucial role of family and society for preventing children from criminal activities.
Some 40 participants took part in the one-day interaction.