NC will address issues of Madhes: NC leader Koirala

Washington DC, April 25: Nepali Congress (NC) General-Secretary Dr Shashank Koirala has claimed that the NC could address the issues of Madhes.

NC General Secretary Koirala, who is on a visit to the USA, said so at a programme organized by Virginia Public Liaision Committee on Sunday.

Furthermore, he upheld that the new constitution was promulgated due to the stance of late NC President Sushil Koirala on the same.

Expressing his happiness over the promulgation of the new statute through the Constituent Assembly after 7 decades of struggle, Koirala argued that it was the responsibility of one and all to implement it.

Koirala was of the opinion that the recently held 13th national convention of NC put an end to fractional politics of the party.

Stating that the internal structure of the NC, the biggest party in the Legislature-Parliament, should be transformed into technology-friendly structure, he pledged to connect every VDCs in the country through information network.

Commenting on the issues on the change in government, Koirala clarified, “We have not wished the change of the government.” RSS