Solar pump sighs relief to fish-keepers

Khairahaniya (Chitwan), April 26: Solar pump has rendered a sigh of relief to the farmers who have been facing high operational cost for using diesel pump to fill up pond with water for fish-keeping.

With the installation of solar pump now it has been easier to level up fish-keeping pond every day, said farmers of Chitwan Khairahaniya municipality-7, Marjigaun.
“It has provided me a good alternative since at least Rs 400 was spent every week for the repairs of diesel pump”, they added.
A litre of hard-found diesel is normally burnt while operating the pump once, said local Jhundi Chaudhary, adding it has also impeded the fishery business. “The setup of solar pump has given me respite”.
The solar pump that was installed on last December on the joint funding of three farmers has made it easier to fill up three ponds and irrigate vegetable farming, Chaudhary added.