NC submits memo to PM Oli

KATHMANDU, April 26: Nepali Congress (NC), the main opposition, has submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister KP Sharman Oli, saying that the quake victims have not realized a sense of relief during his government in the one-year period.

It is said that the NC has mentioned in the memorandum.”Online banking system should be adopted to ease the relief distribution process and no fee should be charged while registering the design of a building to be reconstructed.”

Coming hard on the Oli-government, the memorandum said that the black marketeering has been institutionalized resulting in the short supply of essential commodities such as cooking gas, fuel.

“We urge the prime minister to ease the supplies of cooking gas, fuel, by ending the institutionalized black marketeering,” reads the memorandum. NC Leaders have submitted the memorandum to PM under the leadership of lawmaker, Mr. Dhanaraj Gurung.