Senior Journalists Honorarium provided

Kathmandu, April 29: The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has begun a programme to felicitate Senior Journalists with the ‘Senior Journalist Honorarium’ from this year.

The FNJ has felicitated different 16 senior journalists from the Honorarium this year. The felicitated journalists are Chakra Pani Nepal, Krishna Bahadur Pandey, Kamal Koirala, Devendra Gautam, Nepal Bhushan Neupane, Hari Lamsal, Padma Singh Karki, Padma Bhakta Kharel, Murari Prasad Gautam, Pravin Joshi, Baldev Thapa, Dharma Ratna Shakya, Chet Bahadur Singh, Govinda Thapa, Shankar Layal Malla and Gyan Udas.

Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai felicitated the journalists amid a function organized at the FNJ central office today.

The journalists were provided with the senior journalist identity cards and 12,000 cash each. Journalists above 60 years of age and active in the journalism sector for 30 years would be honoured with the honorarium.

Speaking in the programme, Minister Rai said that the government was willing to felicitate such senior citizens active in various sectors, adding that the journalists were felicitated to begin with.

Similarly, the FNJ President, Dr Mahendra Bista informed that such programme was run by the FNJ’s own fund for this time and expected the government’s support in the upcoming days.

He said that the FNJ has managed different scholarships and insurance programmes targeting to the journalists and their children.

Former FNJ Presidents Dharmendra Jha and Devendra Gautam had addressed the programme. RSS