Parliament heats up with debate on change of government

Kathmandu, May 5: The major political parties attending the parliamentary session today were starkly divided over the prospect of a change of government.

Nepali Congress (NC) and UCPN (Maoist) lawmakers have insisted on finding an alternative to the present government while CPN (UML), the ruling party and coalition partner RPP Nepal, sided with giving continuity by correcting the weaknesses.

NC leader, Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat, accused Prime Minister, KP Sharma Oli of promising too much and delivering less and alleged that rule of law was losing grip.

Asking for time with House Speaker, Onsari Gharti, NC leader Mahat termed the ‘Oli Government as Talk Government’ and added that the PM was occupied with retaining power than addressing the necessities of the people.

Dr Mahat said government failed to spend the economic support pledged by the donors after the earthquake, and fell short of securing people’s access to economic prosperity. He said it was not a right thing that state organs are turned into a recruiting ground for party cadres.

CPN (UML) lawmaker, Yuvraj Gyawali, said it was wrong that one of the coalition partners was working to fail the government at a time when it was preparing to introduce a new budget along with new policy and programmes.

He added that to accuse the government – formed at the bubbly state of condition in the aftermath of the quake and at a time of Indian blockade – of not doing anything was an accusation made for sake of accusation.

There may be complaints over the government’s undertakings, but it is not the time to change the government, Gyawali argued. He urged the parties to allow the government to bring policy and programme including the budget as the effort to change government would not drive the country on a right path.

UCPN (Maoist) lawmaker, Janardhan Sharma, blasted the government of letting people down. The people wanted to see the implementation of the constitution, post-quake relief and inflation control among others following the promulgation of the new constitution which did not happen, therefore a search for an alternative to the present government was sought.

Sharma further stressed that a national unity government was a necessity for providing relief to the quake-stricken and implement the new constitution.

RPP Nepal lawmaker, Sushil Kumar Shrestha, said the parties’ attention must be diverted towards implementing the new constitution than changing the government.

He warned that the game of state power mathematics would weaken the country.

Shrestha further argued that the present government could be moulded into a form of national consensual government. The change of government will impact the post-quake reconstruction, he warned. (House Session Continues) RSS