KMC collects almost 20 million in advert revenue

Kathmandu, May 5: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has earned a profit of Rs 19 million in revenue generated from advertisements.

The KMC had been aiming to collect an annual Rs 5 million in advert tax, but earned only Rs 1.6 million last year. KMC Revenue Division Chief, Druba Kafle, said the amount of tax was collected within mid April of the ongoing fiscal year.

“In the past we had various kinds of hoarding boards, many used to bypass regulation and evade tax payment, but now all of them have come up with tax,” he said.

As per the advertisement policy, advertisements and boards cannot be set up at public properties. At private land properties, the adverts can be set up at the height of 30 feet and 10 meters inward from the roadside on neighbour’s land or roadside.

KMC has expressed reservation over the hoarding boards at the Open Theatre citing they infringe on law. It is working to remove the adverts placed illegally at some places. RSS