Madhesi Front boycotts parliament meeting

Kathmandu, May 6: Seeking time at the outset in the Legislature-Parliament meeting today, lawmaker Ashok Rai, on behalf the United Alliance, announced that the parties in the alliance have boycotted the meeting, alleging the government’s apathy towards the demands raise by the agitating Madhesi Front.

Rai demanded that the constitution should be re-written instead of implementing it as it was more discriminatory compared to the Interim Constitution, adding that the second leg of the protest movement to get the outstanding demands fulfilled has already been started which would be expanded nationwide.

Accusing the government of not paying attention to the alliance’s demands as declaring the people who lost their lives to the Madhes movement as martyrs, providing medical treatment to the injured and withdrawing the ‘trumped up’ cases against the party leaders and cadres, he said the government was also not willing to seeking an outlet through meaningful talks.

Rai also accused the government, saying the reconstruction works in the earthquake-affected places was not satisfactory and corruption has proliferated. RSS