Classification of media houses: Govt.’s new policies & programmes

Kathmandu, May 8: According to the policies and programmes presented by President Bhandari the media houses would be categorized, postage service made modern, optical fibers spread in rural areas from Rural Telecom Fund and internet service expanded in the places along the Pushpa Lal Highway.

President Bhandari said that mass communication policy would be brought into practice and journalist code of conduct implemented by determining journalist’s qualification and criteria.

Moreover, emergency rescue operation centre for disaster management would be expanded, while skilled and capable police prepared, treatment and relief to injured during armed conflict period provided, public awareness about new constitution and human rights raised, juridical system made favourable as per federal system, office of attorney would be capacitated, and national security policy implemented and defense policy formulated.

Involving youths in nation building, reforming civil service as per federal system, making tax system progressive and investment-friendly, mobilizing international cooperation on the basis of national priority, coordinating with donor agencies for further support for reconstruction, increasing government investment along with reform at corporations, making ‘Make Our Village Ourselves’ programme more effective are also incorporated in the policies and programmes.

Strengthening relations with neighbouring countries

Strengthening relations with neighbouring countries on the basis of mutual benefits, harmonizing foreign policy and national security policy and making a happy Nepal through discussion and consensus for the resolution of problems of the country are significant contents in the government’s policies and programmes.