Front will not allow local body elections: Yadav

Kathmandu, May 10: Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Chairman, Upendra Yadav, today made it clear that the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) – an alliance of Madhes-centric parties – would not allow the local body elections, declared by the government under this fiscal year’s policy and programmes, from taking place.

He said the local body elections would weaken federal democratic republic and vowed to stop it under any circumstances.
At a press conference held by Forum Nepal in Birgunj, Chairman Yadav stressed that UDMF was steadfastly opposed to the declaration of elections by the government adding it was driven with a motive to sabotage federalism. He said that the government should hold local body elections as per the federal law after determining the provinces.

Stating that the present government had failed on the foreign policy front, the leader said the government’s policy of blackmailing the southern neighbour by allying with north and vice versa would have long term negative impact on Nepal.

He further slammed the government for an apparent short fall on adopting equal political and diplomatic attitude towards both the neighbours for Nepal’s national interest, thereby creating a risk of a huge loss to the country.

The government is conspiring to derail the agitation by broaching the proposal for another round of dialogue, Yadav accused adding that the Madhesi community, Muslims, Dalit, indigenous nationalities and marginalized groups including women will fight for their rights from the street.

He claimed that there was no meaning of holding talks with the government as during the last 36 dialogues it could not even enter the subject in the first place.