Stranded mountaineers rescued from Sore Bung Kath

Kathmandu, May 14: A team of mountaineers with 18 Nepali and two German nationals who were trapped at Sore Bung area bordering Manang and Mustang have been rescued.

The team was rescued from an altitude of 5,940 meters above sea level where they were trapped due to a windstorm. The stranded climbers were relocated to a safer place, Friend Adventure Managing Director, Rajendra Bahadur Lama, told RSS. They were rescued by Long Rope Rescue Team. “The stranded have been brought to safer location,” said Lama.

Preparations are underway to transport them to Fu VDC of Manang on a flight of Simrik Air. The mountaineers were preparing to scale Mt Sore Bung. The mountain is 6,346 meters high.

The windstorm blew away all the equipments leaving them stranded at the base of a mountain. Among the rescued, condition of five is reported to be critical. They will be brought to Kathmandu. The rescue effort could not take place on Friday due to adverse weather conditions. RSS