The main factor behind the recall of ambassador was political instability: Baral

Kathmandu, May 15: Former ambassador to India Prof Dr Lokraj Baral on Sunday said that India has a hand in interfering in Nepal’s internal affairs due to Nepal’s open border with India.

Speaking at a face-to-face program organized by the Reporter’s Club Nepal on today, former ambassador Mr. Baral said that India has been interfering in Nepal’s affairs for long under different pretexts.

“It is natural for India to be concerned with any problem in Madhes as the region shares open border with India,” he however said.

He suggested sorting out the strained relations between the two countries that have developed lately due to internal reasons of the countries, through a diplomatic commission.

On recalling the ambassador to India Dip Kumar Upadhyay from his office, he said that the main factor behind the recall was political instability of the country.