Changes in politics must to carry out reforms in public administration: Experts

Kathmandu, May 15: Constitution and communications experts and former ministers have viewed that public administration has been dragged into various types of problems like that of structural, management and behavioural.

They have also said that the failure of civil servants to adhere to the set code of conduct has also made matters worse.

Speaking at a programme on ‘the outlook of media for a change in the culture of bureaucracy’ organised jointly by National Union of Journalists, People’s Review weekly and Fredrick Ebert Stiftung in the Capital today, the participants said that the problem cannot be sorted out until the provision of reward and punishment is implemented strictly.

The idea of prospering the country and strengthening democracy will remain only in paper until there are changes in politics and in the behaviours and tendencies of political leaders, they said. For the change and establishing good governance in the country, reforms in politics and administrative area are a must.

On the occasion, the High Level Media Commission Chairman Kashiraj Dahal said that the country will only prosper when the state gets strengthened and there is a rule of law, accountability and national unity and peace in the country.

Likewise, former minister Mahadev Gurung suggested that media should help in bringing all together to strengthen nation by spreading positive and critical message. RSS (Photo available)