‘PAF programmes on indigenous nationalities found more effective’

Kathmandu, May 16: Of the many programmes for the uplift of the indigenous nationalities, the one implemented by the Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) is found to be very effective, the World Bank Nepal country office has stated.

A feature article published recently in the WB website states that the programme launched by the PAF has much benefited the people from the indigenous nationalities. The feature is based on the evaluation of programmes implemented in different countries.

The article shows that the PAF programme has helped reduce the rate of poverty in the indigenous nationalities community nearly by 18.5 per cent, citing a study conducted by the WB in 2014.

It quotes PAF executive director Nahakul KC that one third out of the around 700 thousand households benefited from the PAF-run programme were indigenous nationalities households.

The Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) aims to improve the living conditions, livelihoods, and empowerment among the country’s rural poor, especially for traditionally excluded groups.

A 2014 assessment found that the indigenous nationalities, or Adivasi-Janajatis, who make up approximately 30% of the country’s population, saw their poverty head count rate decrease by 18.5% as a result of the program, the article reads.

The PAF has been operating its programmes in 55 districts across the country with support from the government and the World Bank. RSS