Buddhist shrines offer glimpse of Asthi Dhatu

Kathmandu, May 21: The Asthi Dhatu, the remains of Gautam Buddha has been put on a display at the Swayambhu-based Anandakuti Vihar on the occasion of the 2560th Buddha Jayanti (the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha) today.

It is customary that remains of Buddha are put on a display at the Buddhist shrines on the day of Buddha Jayanti every year. Visitors can get a glimpe of the Asthi Dhatu until late this evening today, Vikkhu Dhamamurti said.

Meanwhile, the Syambhu Development and Protection General Committee has arranged for free entry for tourists visiting the famous Buddhist shrine on this special occasion. Devotees have thronged the shrine since early morning to observe the birth anniversary of Buddha which is celebrated as the Buddha Poornima.

Similarly, Boudhanath Area Development Committee has too put the Asthi Dhatu in exhibition. The remains were brought to the capital from Sri Lanka.