Locals enraged at decision to dump waste by riverside

Melamchi, Aug 1: The swollen Indrawati river has entered the dumping site constructed on its bank by Melamchi Municipality in order to do away with waste products.

With the monsoon downpour in full swing, the river breached its bank to enter the temporary pit used as a dumping site for the waste materials the town produces. The locals had been resisting the Municipality Office’s determination to dispose of the waste products by the river’s bank and create a long term impact on the river’s ecosystem.

The locals accuse the Municipality of allocating Rs 300,000 to dig up the pit and not using the money effectively. The Melamchi Municipality’s Executive Chief, Purna Dulal, had recently led a campaign to throw waste products into the pit to mark the occasion of Environment Day.

Local of the area, Bishnu Dhital, said the floodwaters usually pour into the pit during the intermittent flooding in the river. RSS