Bakraha flood survivors living wretched life

Pathari (Morang), Aug 2: The people of Dainiya of Morang are forced to live in wretched conditions since the flood from the local Bakraha River entered the settlement by breaching its dam on July 25.

They are even unable to mange a square meal and clothes for their children as floods swept away all their belongings. Some 200 school age children of Dainiya wards no 3 and 8 have no clothes to wear and no food since the flood hit the village.

They are living in tents along with their parents and are at high risk of infection of various sorts of communicable disease. Parents say they feel very sorry upon seeing the miserable condition of their children.

Survivor Urmila Devi Rajbanshi said flood-hit children cannot sleep in night due to discomforts caused by adverse living conditions. Various health-related problems like itching, stomach swelling and rashes have been seen among them.

Dainiya VDC Secretary Padam Binod Ghimire stressed the need of immediately sending a health team to the flood-affected site. They should be provided with cloth and foodstuffs at the earliest, he said. Nursing women, children and elderly people are affected the most. RSS