Verbal commitments not enough for local poll: chief commissioner Yadav

Kathmandu, Aug 9: The Election Commission has stated that it could not hold the election of local bodies unless the report on fixation of the number and border of municipalities, village municipalities, special and autonomous zones was implemented.

Chief election commissioner Dr Ayodhi Prasad Yadav has added that the commission could not hold the local poll unless the names, numbers and border of local bodies were finalized. He further said verbal commitments could not ensure the election, underlining the need of formulating necessary laws and developing infrastructure for the same.

Dr Yadav said that the election should be free, fair and neutral therefore all preparations were essential for credible results.

Speaking in an interaction on the draft bill related to the election of members of the House of Representatives and Federal Assembly here today, Yadav said that the commission could only update the voters’ list after the names, numbers and border of local bodies were finalized.

He opined for holding long discussions on the report rather than making remarks in hurry on it.
He informed that the commission has amended different acts related to the elections and has send the revised copies to the government. The amended acts are Commission Act, Voters Act, Voters’ Education Act, and Local Election Act 2048 BS among others.

Similarly, election commissioner Ila Sharma, at the same programme, said that election was the means of strengthening the democracy. Secretary at the commission, Sharada Prasad Trital said that the commission was working out to amend the acts related to the commission as per the provision of the new constitution.
Commission proposed for fixing election date

It mentions of vesting the right to determine the election date on the Commission is included in the draft. “The Commission must stipulate the date of the parliamentary election six months in advance before the expiry of the term of the parliament, and notify the government and the Council of Ministers as per the Article 85 of the Nepal’s Constitution and by keeping the exception of an event of dissolution of the parliament,” it is stated in the draft.
The draft also has provisions on electoral system, constituency, members’ size, first election and proportional electoral system, and closed list of the candidates.
The draft also straddles the subjects of election official, voter official appointment, chief election official and assistant election official’s task, duty and authority as well as provision for appointments.
The election notice, candidate and nomination letter, candidate’s capability, vote cast, voting centre, ballot paper and ballot box among other election related gadgets and issues have been mentioned in the draft. RSS