China, India agree on mutual support to successfully host G20, BRICS summits

NEW DELHI, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met here Saturday with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and the two sides agreed to strengthen mutual support over the successful organization of the upcoming G20 and BRICS summits.

The Indian prime minister said his country and China need to boost communications and mutual support to ensure successes for the G20 summit scheduled next month in China’s city of Hangzhou as well as the BRICS summit to be held in the Indian state of Goa in October.

Modi said he cherishes the friendship with Chinese leaders, and looks forward to exchanges of views on further development of India-China ties with Chinese leaders on occasions including the G20 summit and the BRICS summit.

The Indian side is glad to see relations with China achieving all-around development in recent years, Modi said. He noted that India attaches great importance to relations with China, and the stance of viewing and treating the bilateral relations from a strategic height has not changed.

He added that the strengthening of cooperation between India and China will provide aspirations for other developing nations.

For his part, the visiting Chinese foreign minister said relations between China and India kept good momentum in recent years and have achieved all-around and rapid progress. Common interests between China and India far exceed their differences, and the need for cooperation far exceeds the competition, said Wang.

The foreign minister said China always welcomes the development and rise of India, and supports India to play a more positive role in regional as well as international affairs. The development of both China and India is conducive to the better balance and stability of world powers, he noted.

Wang stressed that amid the challenges that the global economy currently faces, it is highly important to ensure the successful organization of the G20 and BRICS summits. China is willing to boost mutual support with India for this end, he said.