​Eigth Wodner of the World in Nepal​

Kathmandu: Nepal – more than just trekking, rafting, pagodas, temples, elephants, mini leopards; more than just the Nepali infectious smile and warm hospitality. Nepal has much more to offer.

A Singapore company, PPFG Ltd is developing ERHC, a Eco city Racecourse Hotel Casino in Bhaktapur. Dubbed the Eigth Wonder of the World, the development boasts an international size Casino, 5-Star Hotel, Racecourse, mahjong games, Formula Racing, entertainment & shopping centre, polo and equestrian sport, altogether adding to 8 mega attractions for Nepali and for the the well traveled, rich and hard to please foreign tourists.

The art of horsemanship has arrived. Nepalis will be trained in horse grooming, horse racing, dressage, show jumping and be well known in international events.

The 8th Wonder is the powerful magnet, the draw of hard currency for the country. It creates multitude of jobs, training for many and entertainment for all

Mahesh Pathak and Rishi Darmala are the local facilitators for this massive foreign development.