Journo Dhamala complemented by Prime Minister Prachanda

KATHMANDU, Jan 4: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has complemented the president of Reporters’ Club Nepal as god gifted. “Rishi Dhamala’s journalism career, whatever the remarks, has been proved god gifted. Most importantly!.. Rishi Dhamala is everything in himself!

Talking to journalists, concerning the proposal of constitution amendment bill, Prime Minister Dahal emphasized the active role of the club in all the matters of Nepalese politics since the beginning of its establishment till the date, he said,” It has been obvious now that the club has made a huge contribution in institutionalizing the changes around the nation since its establishment.”

Considering the memorandum presented, on the occasion, by Reporters Club Nepal, led by its president Rishi Dhamala, Prime Minister Dahal said that Supreme Court’s verdict about the proposal of constitution amendment bill has brought the political parties to discussions and reach an agreement.

“Political parties have been prompted to concur by the apex court’s decision, I have been striving for agreement. Circumstances are that the opposing parties are reopening the obstructed House and Madhesi Morcha will favour the constitution amendment proposal, soon, there will be political consensus ”.

When asked how the government will get a two-third majority in support of the Bill, Prachanda said, “It will be figured out when the bill is put to vote after discussion of the proposal, we have registered the proposal and we are confident will get two-third majority.’

In another question regarding UML and other opposition parties who have 201 lawmakers, he replied, “That’s why I am calling for a vote on the bill. ”

He asserted that the amendment proposal is no longer illegitimate. “Supreme court’s ruling on amendment bill defines it to be absolute legitimate.”