Singer Prashana Panday denies ‘Red number threats’ scandal

KATHMANDU, Jan 5: Singer Prashana Panday has denied the red number threat scandal that have run rampant on the media and social network.

In a press conference organized at the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Thursday, she criticized news media to have overemphasized her hotscreen status on her facebook wall about ‘red number threats’ that have been viral on social network and clarified them to be completely nonsense and mere lies.

“I have no knowledge of me posting such hoax on social network that red number appearing on mobile phones are threat to lives. They are completely untrue.”

She said that she was grieved to have heard as such rumors that have tarnished her image and singing career, and added that the news that CBI had arrested her and taken into custody over such matter had made negative impression on her parents, relatives and admirers, which she claimed to be untrue.

“The tales that CBI had arrested me and released after custody are completely untrue. I request everybody not to believe in such nonsense. They are lies.”

She also made it clear that even the DIG of CBI Nabaraj Silwal had commented her to be naive.