ACRAB Chairperson Khatiwada stresses on need for cooperation between community radio and government

KATHMANDU, Jan 8: The newly elected chairperson of The Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Nepal (ACRAB), Subash Khatiwada has stressed on the need for co-operation between community radio and the government for social transformation.

Speaking at the felicitation program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal and Nepal Radio Network on Sunday at Reporters’ Club Nepal, Khatiwada expressed his dissatisfaction towards state bodies for not properly evaluating the contribution done by the community Radio in changing the society.

He said’ “The ACRAB has been broadcasting programs in 70 different languages. As such programs aid in saving the mother tongue and other languages that are teetering on the brink of extinction.”
“These radio programs have been proved remarkable in remote areas and have been a source of learning for illiterate people.” he added.

Appreciating the contribution made by the president of Reporters’ Club Nepal on communication field of Nepal, he lauded Dhamala’s active role and devotion to Radio as extraordinary.

Club’s president, Rishi Dhamala congratulated the newly elected chairman Khatiwada in the program and said he was confident that the new leadership under Chairman Khatiwada would definitely play a different role in the development of radio.

Dhamala added, ” The community radio is accessible to every nook-and-corners of the country. And I am certain that radio will contribute more in the development radio access and its effectiveness in the coming days.”

Likewise, newly appointed senior vice-chairperson Arjun Giri stated there were challenges within community radio and assured the new leadership would find solution as it was formed in a democratic way.
Also, newly elected General Secretary Govinda Devkota was grateful to Reporters’ Club Nepal and Nepali Radio Network for organizing such felicitation program.