Bajura people join together for water resources conservation

Bajura, Jan 10: A total of 15 village development committees of the district have been selected for protecting the drinking water resources from global warming.

The communities with access to the water resources in the village have formed a group to repair the old infrastructure and identify the problems to save the sources, District Soil Conservation Office, Bajura Chief Khem Raj Regmi said.

Regmi said Mountain Watershed Climate Change Adaptation Project will be enforced to resolve the problems of the damaged caused to the water resources by global warming and the tendency of the sources to dry up.

The project is already running in Jayabageshwori, Kanda, Dogadi, Gudukhati, Bhramhatole, Bharabise and Kuldevmandaun.

A district level meeting held on Monday has selected eight more VDCs for the next year and sent recommendation for launching the project. The newly selected VDCs include Jugada, Matardi, Budhiganga in Badimalika Municipality along with Toli, Kailashmandaun, Manakot and Dahakot VDCs.

The project will run till 2020. The project cost in seven VDCs is estimated to hover around Rs 40 million. RSS