Former King Gyanendra spoke as a citizen: Oli

KATHMANDU, Jan 11: Former Prime Minister and Chairman of CPN-UML KP Oli has said that the current government

was formed with an unnatural coalition of Maoist centre and Nepal congress that has ensued the present-day political crisis in country.

“The government is unqualified like the suspended CIAA Chief Lokman Singh Karki- and has not been able to function according to national interest.This face of the government will strip naked in the meantime like Lokman Singh’s,” he said while addressing a press conference organized by Press Choutari Jhapa in Damak on Wednesday.

He accused the current government to have pushed the country into conflict in the name of amending the constitution and claimed the tabled bill will never be passed in the parliament as it was against national interest and favored Madheshi leaders.

“UML will support government only if the amendment bill is withdrawn creating environment for election.” he added.


On another note, Oli remarked the former king Gyanandra’s statement were for the love of nation and that he spoke only as an ordinary citizen not as statesman.

Former King Gyanendra Shah had issued another statement marking the eve of the 295th birth anniversary of King Prithivi Narayan Shah Tuesday that concerned Nepali people and monarch’s wish.

The statement said that the Nepali people’s wish has been the monarchy’s wish in Nepal. “This country had a tradition of the people’s wish being the monarchy’s wish. We left Naryanhiti on account of the situation obtaining back then. However, we have never forgotten and will never forget our responsibilities to the people and the country.”

The statement further reads, “It has not been a decade that we left, and today we are at a very critical time. Our concern is not if Nepal will progress, but whether if continue to exist.”

He continued, “The external interference and meddling is endangering our identity and existence. Thus we must strive for communal harmony, national integrity and patriotism to save our country.”

He added “In the time when the world in competing for prosperity, we are becoming poorer and poorer. There is a tide of nationalist feeling rising in the world while we are behaving in a way that harms our very existence. We must be an example in the time of crisis thus to end this tragic condition.”