Bhaktapur declared ‘potato zone’

BHAKTAPUR, Jan 12: Bhaktapur has been declared ‘potato zone’ under the Prime Minister Agricultural Modernisation Project (PMAMP) under the Ministry of Agricultural Development.
Chairman of Nepal Workers Peasants Party Narayan Man Bijukchhe made the declaration amid a programme in Bhaktapur today.
For the project in Bhaktapur, Rs 29.5 million has been allotted in this fiscal year, said Purna Dhungana, Chief of the Agricultural Development Office.
The PMAMP has started from current fiscal year and will last the Nepali month of Asadh 2082 BS. A total of 130 billion and 742 million will be spent on the 10-year project launched to make the country self-reliant in agriculture products, said the project chief Achyut Dhakal.
The total 5 billion, 786 million and 275 thousands rupees has been allocated for the project in the current fiscal year, he said.
“The potato zone programme has been launched to compensate the failure to institutionalise collective agriculture production and its marketisation,” said Dhakal. RSS