I will appeal for insuring of Tharu privilege in the constitution: Rishi Dhamala

KATHMANDU. Jan 14: President of Reporters Club Nepal, Rishi Dhamala has said that the issues and demands of Tharu community should be addressed by the constitution.
Addressing the Inaugurating ceremony of the Tharu National Maghi Festival 2073 organized in Tundikhel, Kathmandu on the occassioin of Maghe Shankranti on Saturday- organized by Tharu Students Society, Dhamala said, “To secure the rights and previlige of Tharu community, the constitution of Nepal should address their demands first.”
“Tharu people should step forward to help in social and economic transformation of country. The discrimintion among the differents ethnic groups should be brought to an end, and time has come for the Tharu people to take national leadership as Ministers, Prime MInisters and President.” he added. “You will have to be ready, and I will appeal for insuring of Tharu privilege in the constitution.”
He urged such socio-cultural festivals and programs should be given continuation, and further said that Maghi is not only the festival of Tharus but all of us as it is observed in national level by all the people.
Appealing the top leaders to continue carrying out discussion and interaction among them to clear the misunderstandings, he said, “On the occassion of Maghi, from this stage, I repeat that political consensus is possible only through harmony, cooperation and unity among the political parties. There is no other alternative to this.”
The festival was inaugurated by the Speaker of the Parliament of Nepal, Onsari Gharti Magar. Former Prime Minister and Convener of Naya Shakti Party Dr. Babu Ram Bhattari, members of the parliament Janak Raj Choudhary, Gopal Dahit, Chadulal Choudhary and member of Naya Shakti Party Karishma Manandhar were present in the program.