CCTV cameras to be set up to curb crime


BHAKTAPUR, Jan 19: The Metropolitan Police Circle, Thimi has started a campaign to install CCTV cameras at various intersections to control criminal activities including theft and robbery.

The Madhyapur Thimi Municipality will be assisting the campaign with Rs 500,000. A few days ago, a person was robbed after returning from a bank with withdrawn cash prompting the authorities to opt for CCTV cameras to help in curtailing such crime.

The Police Circle, Thimi will set up 12 CCTV cameras within January 11 and 20 more within January 22, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Shyam Babu Oliya said. The banks have also started installing CCTV cameras after the owners were instructed to do so for security reasons.

The CCTV cameras will be installed at various intersections lying between Manohara to Hanumante river stretch of the Araniko highway, Bahakha Bazaar and crowded places. RSS