‘Diplomatic issues should be resolved on tables not streets’

Diplomatic issues

CHITWAN, Jan 20: Diplomatic issues between two countries should be resolved on tables rather than raising it in the streets, said Minister  for Foreign Affairs, Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat.

Speaking to journalists today, Mahat argued that shouting in the streets would not help patch up problems in diplomatic relations but make it worse. “Diplomacy does not run by supporting or protesting in the streets,” he said.

Stating that Nepal’s relations with China and India were becoming better, Foreign Minister Mahat confided that due to the open border and inundation issues, there were more problems with India than China.

He pointed out that where there were more problems discussions were also held more often and this made it look like Nepal was closer to India. He assured that Nepal’s relations were the same with both the neighbours.

Referring to the Chinese government’s readiness in opening the Kedari border point, Mahat shared that discussions were being held to expand the scope of trade with Kerung.

He added further that a letter has been sent to the secretary level mechanism for discussion on preparations for Chinese President’s visit to Nepal. RSS