Pipe theft obstructs irrigation project in Majkot

JAJARKOT, Jan 23: The local villagers of Majkot – 6 have been deprived of irrigation facility after someone stole the pipe of the irrigation project.

The theft has occurred within two years of the start of the Pipse Wadar – Pallachaur Irrigation Project. The 400 – metre long pipe was stolen two months ago, Irrigation Project Chairman, Marimal Tiruwa said.

More than 200 households have been deprived of irrigation facility after the pipe was stolen, Belpatri Primary School’s Principal, Ram Bahadur Nepali said.

The Irrigation Project was set up two years ago at an investment of Rs 3.6 million of the Poverty Alleviation Fund. Although the locals have filed a complaint with the police to search for those involved in the theft, police administration has not shown interest, Nepali added. RSS