Janasamajwadi to take part in local body elections

Janasamajwadi Party

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: Janasamajwadi Party Nepal has announced its intention of taking part in the local body elections with a provisional support to the constitution.

At a press conference held on Monday, Janasamajwadi’s Chairman, Subasaraj Kafle, made public the party’s official political line while making an announcement that it will take part in the election.

He said that although there were many communist parties in Nepal none of them had once undertaken a pro-people task.

Kafle shared his party’s commitment on stoking tourism development alongside energy production for socio-economic and political transformation that the ‘people will be able to feel’.

On the occasion, political analyst Dr Surendra KC said the communist regimes across the world were on the defensive and that Nepal was also becoming a prey to this trend. He slammed the communist leaders in the country for working for self-interest than the interest of the people.

Vice Chairman KB Bhattarai said the party has accepted the constitution from an angle of provisional support.

The party has a 65 – member central working committee with seven chairmen for seven provincial states and one general secretary. RSS