Bardiya has 120 new leprosy patients: Reports

Leprosy patient

BARDIYA, Jan 31: District Public Health Office, Bardiya has reported that a total of 120 new leprosy patients have been found in the district.

The data was found during a campaign to eliminate leprosy in the district. The campaign started on January 23.

The patients include three children. 27 are classified as multibacillary leprosy (patients with negative marks) and the rest 90 as paucibacillary leprosy (with positive mark).

According to District Public Health Office, the number of leprosy patients taking drugs has reached 240 in the district so far. Banke district tops the districts having leprosy patients.

The government has launced a campaign to seek and treat leprosy patients in Banke and Bardiya districts with the aim to eliminate the disease by 2020. RSS