Parliamentary Committee directs govt to appoint ambassadors soon

ambassadors appointment

KATHMANDU, Jan 31: The meeting of the International Relations and Labour Committee under the Legislature-Parliament today has directed the government to appoint the ambassadors in various countries where the post for the same were vacant for long.

The committee held discussions with Foreign Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat in this regard and progress report of honorary ambassadors.

The committee President Prabhu Sah, shared that the meeting decided to direct the government to appoint the ambassadors soon adding that the absence of ambassadorial posts was affecting diplomatic activities in these countries.

The posts of ambassadors are vacant in different 14 countries these days. The meeting also directed the government to deploy the honorary consul general for effective result by making clear standard for the same.

Responding the query of lawmakers, Minister Mahat shared that the ambassadors would be appointed soon after discussing with ruling parties. He even urged not to follow the rumour that the government was pro-Indian or pro-Chinese, however government was working to strengthen the bilateral ties with neighbouring countries keeping the national interest in centre. He further argued that the government was serious on the security of migrant workers.
Similarly, secretary at the Ministry Shanker Das Bairagi shared that there were 64 honorary consul generals in different countries and cities.

He said 41 such consul generals are also working in Nepal from different countries.

In the meeting, lawmakers had drawn the attention of the government on the delay of appointing ambassadors even after six months of this government’s tenure.

They further blamed the government saying that it was only prioritizing India by angering China. Lawmakers even sought a clear foreign policy from the government. RSS