PM Dahal inaugurates long-stalled Khimpti-Dhalkebar transmission line

KHIMTI, Feb 2: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ today inaugurated long-stalled 220 megawatts Khimti-Dhalkebar transmission line.

Completion of the project that was halted earlier for the past 17 years due to various reasons including disputes over distribution of compensation for land acquisition for the project was possible following the prompt initiations taken by the government in this regard.

The halted project has been completed within six months of its resumption, said the project chief Shyam Kumar Yadav.

Around 700 MW can be supplied through the double-circuit transmission line that has been constructed with grant amount of Rs 2.13 billion from World Bank. The project had started in 2063 B.S.

Addressing the event on the occasion, PM Dahal said the government would vehemently oppose the activities of division and chaos to save nationalism.

Likewise, Energy Minister Janardan Sharma said the government has moved ahead with a concrete action plan in order to resolve a variety of problems surfaced in the development of energy in Nepal.

Also at the event, Executive Director of the Nepal Electricity Authority Kul Man Ghising said there has been an ease in bridging gap between the demand and supply of electricity in Tamakoshi area, mid Tarai and Eastern area while claiming that electricity leakage of up to 10 MW has been controlled.

He also said problems related to low voltage has also been curbed. RSS