PM directs officials for bringing substantive plan for Karnali development


KATHMANDU, Feb 3: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal today issued instructions to the Karnali Development Commission’s officials to come up with a substantive work plan for Karnali region’s development.
The PM reasoned that Karnali region’s development could not gain pace through a traditional approach. He instructed the officials to introduce a work plan with cost estimate as the process of human progress would not be able to move forward effectively and that national necessity would remain incomplete in its absence.
PM Dahal made it clear that only with the use of unbounded possibilities of herbs, agriculture, tourism and energy sector, the Karnali region could open up the path of country’s economic prosperity.
“As in the past, Karnali’s development will not happen with the plans based only on documents,” PM said and instructed the officials further, “When drafting the work plan make its presentation along with its implementation period and a clear provision on budget. It is necessary for us to change our mentality towards Karnali.”
The officials had presented the PM with a 10-year master plan for Karnali’s development. The Commission delegation led by its Chairman, Dr Chandra Kanta Poudel, called on PM Dahal at the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers in Singha Durbar this morning.
On the occasion, Poudel apprised the PM on the prime challenges facing the Karnali’s development including transportation, food crisis, educational access, use of herbs and its management, tourism promotion and investment in agricultural sector. He added that the implementation of the master plan could lessen Karnali’s poverty by 21 per cent in the coming decade.
PM Dahal, after receiving the draft of the master plan, expressed gratitude as the master plan gave serious thought on Karnali’s development.
Dahal said he would hold further discussion on the plan at the Cabinet after studying it and vowed to give top priority to implementing the proposed work plan. RSS