Election primary, Constitution amendment secondary: RPP spokesperson Shrestha


KATHMANDU, Feb 4: Rastrya Prajatantra Party spokesperson Raja Ram Shrestha argued that election of local level is the agenda of primary importance rather than constitution amendment.

During an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal presided by senior journalist and Club’s President Rishi Dhamala today, he said, “There has not been local body election for 20 years, People want election first. Thus, it is important that election be held first at any cost.”

Spokesperson Shrestha asserted his party has always been clear about the compulsion of election within 2074 Magh 7. He added, “Election is the only way to implementation of constitution. If election cannot be held within the specified period of time, the existence of constitution will be questioned.”

He suggested the ruling parties to keep the agenda of constitution amendment aside and announce the election date as soon as possible.