Reporters’ Club honors two and half feet tall social worker Poudel

Krishna Prasad Poudel

KATHMANDU, Feb 8: Reporters’ Club Nepal today honored physically challenged Krishna Prasad Poudel at Club’s Gallery, Bhrikutimandap for his outstanding life-long contribution in the field of education in Arghakhanchi distict.

Poudel—weighing only 12 kilogram- speaking during the program expressed his wish to register his name in Guinness Book of World Records. He sa id, “My life motto has always been ‘Live, let live and do something worth’. I am physically abnormal. Despite my physical abnormality, I have given my life in teaching-learning activity and in the development of education in Arghakhanchi district. I wish to write my name in Guinness Book someday.”

Poudel remained active in teaching occupation for 42 years. In his effort Bhagwati Primary was established in his village. He was honored with ‘Jansewasri Manpadawiman’ prize in 2067 Jestha 16.

Born in BS 2011 Mangsir 1 in Arghakhachi, Thulo Pokhara -2,  he suffered from unknown illness when he 11. Not properly treated, he suffered growth disorder and malnutrition. He is only 2 and half feet tall. His condition is becoming worse and now has no one to support him economically.

Krishna Prasad Poudel

Senior Journalist and Club’s President Rishi Dhamala speaking during the program, presided by Reporters’ Club Arghakhanchi Chapter President, Ram Kumar Kshetri, acknowledged Poudel’s contribution in social work despite his disability and added the press media would forever in his support.

Journo Dhamala drew government’s attention to worsening condition of Poudel’s health and said, “Poudel has done a lot to the nation, now it’s time that government must look after him, fulfill his basic needs.” He added, “Government should take responsibility of his medical treatment.”

Poudel has fungal esophagus and difficulty swallowing. According to his cousin, he needed about 80,000 rupees for his treatment.

“Nepal government is grateful to his four decades long service in the field of education. The government has always been positive to lend help to physically challenged person like Poudel.” said Kumar Khadka, Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare.

Minister Khadka assured he would forward a proposal to the cabinet for arranging his basic needs and medical treatment.

Also speaking during the program, Former Deputy Prime Minister Top Bahadur Rayamajhi said he was thankful to Poudel for being a live inspiration to the society and gave assurance he would take initiative to the related governmental organs to provide him with all necessary support.