Animal right activists demand revocation of wildlife farming act

Animal right activists demand revocation of wildlife farming act

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: Animal right activists have demanded the government repeal wildlife farming act approved by the legislature parliament on January 30.

Organizing a press conference at Reporters’ Club Nepal today, the activists issued a press release that reads the wildlife farming act to have violated animal rights and which if implemented could result disastrous in wildlife conservation.

The endorsed 5th amendment act to the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1978 allows wild animal farming, breeding and research policy to allow commercialization of the “viable” wild animal species through individual firms or institutions for biodiversity conservation and furthering economic development.

“The government claims the wildlife farming act could help farmers gain economic prosperity- which is a lie. It’s clearly a method to legalize the animal trade. This act is against the wild conservation and should be revoked,” said animal activist and environmentalist Sangita Sapkota speaking during the program.

According to the press release the act encourages illegal hunting and poaching of wild animals. It also permits keeping of animals as pets and for research purpose which is a violation to human rights.

The Animal right activists through the press release has drawn the attention of stakeholders to unite and press the government for the revocation of such anti-nationalist legislature.

The Animal rights activists had also organized a protest rally on February 5 against the government’s decision to provision wildlife farming and commercializing the wildlife products.