More than 35,000 in Ilam use traditional cook stoves

cook stoves

Ilam, Feb 19: Against the backdrop of a mission to rid Ilam of indoor air pollution caused by traditional in-built cook stoves within this year, the number of households found to be using reformed cook stoves has climbed to 22,000.

District Development Committee’s 21st District Council has taken a decision to ramp up the construction of reformed cook stoves as part of the campaign to declare the district free of indoor air pollution.

Despite the DDC’s goal, of the total of 64,502 households, 35,700 households are still found to be using traditional earthen cook stoves which is heated by burning wood, charcoal and animal dung or crop residue. Such traditional fire or mud stove produces smoke harmful for human health.

District’s Pyang, Gorkhe, Siddhithumka, Lumde, Soyang, Namsaling, Sankhejung, Jitpur, Mabu, Shantidanda and Maimajhuwa VDCs have already been declared free of indoor smoke, Namsaling Community Development Centre’s District Cooking Stove Coordinator, Prakash Khatiwada said.

The authorities are planning to declare Gajurmukhi, Ibhang, Aamchowk, Naya Bazaar and Barbote VDCs free of indoor smoke within this year.

A total of 22,000 households are now using reformed cook stoves while 35,700 households continue to use traditional fire. A measly 4,775 households in the district use LP gas cylinders for cooking. RSS