Morcha warns revolution against govt within half-an-hour of election date announcement


KATHMANDU, Feb 19: Madhesi Morcha leader Raj Kishor Yadav has warned to withdraw the support to government and declare revolution against the government within an half-an-hour of government’s move to fix election date.

Speaking during an interaction program organized by Reporters’ Club Nepal presided by Club’s President Rishi Dhamala today, he said, “If the government fixes the date of election without first processing the constitution amendment, the Madhes movement will turn into a revolution against government within half-an-hour.”  He however added that the Morcha still believed government would not forward such moves that would betray Madhesi people again.

He also claimed the Local Body Restructuring Report to have been full of errors. He said, “The restructuring report is delusional. The government is planning to hold the local level election from center- which is contradictory to the new federal system.”

Yadav added, “We are not against election. But we are demanding the election should be relevant.

Responding to CPN-UML leader Bhim Aacharya’s remark he blamed UML to be master of deceitful politics.

Earlier, leader Aacharya had remarked the constituent amendment proposal to have been a anti-Madhesi agenda which were not aimed to address Madhesi demands.

Also speaking during the program Morcha leader Anil Jha warned if the government announces the date of election, it will only hatch a conflict of politics in Nepal. He said