Constituent amendment bill will be passed in the parliament before election: Minister Nayak


KATHMANDU, Feb 23: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs  Ajay Shankher Nayak has claimed that the constituent bill would be passed in the parliament at any cost before the date of election.

Speaking during an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal presided by Rishi Dhamala today, he said, “There is no doubt that the tabled amendment bill will pass in the parliament before election.”

“The major opposition has now agreed with government to forward the amendment bill in the parliament. The discussion over the bill will start form today. The bill will be passed no matter what- as it is or with correction.”

He also stressed on establishing political consensus among the parties as election was not far away.

He said,” No parties should draw their attention to obstructing the parliament process. Election is today’s national need. Therefore, all parties should trust each other and contribute in creating positive environment for the election.”