Time for women to handle position like Prime Minister has come: Dhamala


KATHMANDU, March 5: Reporters’ Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala today argued that time for women to handle the position like Prime Minister has come.

Speaking during a function organized on the 107th International Women’s Day by National Civil Development Society journo Dhamala encouraged women to play role as leaders of country for national progress and prosperity.

He said, “Women have already handled the posts like President of Nepal, House speaker, Chief Justice and Minister. Now, after the 2074 BS Magh 7 election, women should become the Prime Minister. Women and Men must work together to create inclusiveness in national leadership role.”

“Though constitution of Nepal has promised 33% right for women, it has fully implemented yet. Now, we need  leaders who can guarantee implementation of women’s rights in application,” he added.

Also during the program, Minister for Peace, Sita Devi Yadav, State Minister for Urban Development Mitthu Malla, Former Minister Shanta Manabi has expressed their opinion.